The QA (Quality Assurance) strategy and methodology offered by CIVITAS blends seamlessly into the software development lifecycle. Our QA engineers participate in the product design process to ensure testability of the final product. Furthermore, QA engineers conduct unit testing and integration testing in accordance with an overall QA process.

Our QA services include:

  • Initial QA participation in the product design process.
  • Continuous in-depth testing to uncover functional issues and discrepancies and therefore minimize the cost of fixing bugs.
  • Detailed and realistic QA test plans to ensure efficiency, quality and value.
  • Ongoing testing of system requirements to ensure high user acceptance and excellent quality.
  • Ongoing cooperation between the QA team, development team and you to ensure timely process monitoring, testing and issue elimination.

Our dedicated QA team is highly trained at performing infrastructure analysis, developing a test plan, assessing automation potential, and defining and executing critical test cases.