Our team at CIVITAS has years of experience in a range of industry verticals, which enables us to assist you to define, measure and ultimately act on your business objectives.

We operate with the mindset that business analysis is more than a system-related function and in order to deploy best practices in any area of business, an organisational perspective is imperative.

The CIVITAS team conducts onsite moderated agile discovery and prognosis sessions whereby which your stakeholders actively participate in identifying issues and challenges they are experiencing daily as a result of current systems and/or processes.

During these BA sessions, the CIVITAS moderators assist in:

  • Investigating the current processes and defining goals and issues.
  • Collecting and analysing the data.
  • Documenting the feedback, ideas and proposals.
  • Evaluating and presenting various solutions based on the analysis.

We are confident that our business analysis perspectives and solutions will effectively deliver, plan, manage, and implement customer-centric business and technology solutions.