CIVITAS Solutions Group specialises in developing complete software solutions from scratch, or custom-code existing modules to implement into your current software ecosystem. Our driving mission at CIVITAS Solutions Group is to provide you with simple, easy-to-use technology solutions that deliver benefits to your business on a daily basis. We do this by combining our unparalleled technological understanding with your intimate knowledge of your business, allowing us to create innovative and complete solutions that improve business processes and empower you to serve your customers best.

CIVITAS is able to provide a cost-effective solution for all your technology needs by combining Australian-based business analysis, architecture, project management and QA divisions with an offshore development division. This optimises resource allocation and provides a price advantage for you while at the same time ensuring Australian quality and service.

At CIVITAS we have the knowledge and the resources to help you make game-changing decisions that will help turn your business from an industry player to a market leader.

CIVITAS development methodology:

BRAINSTORM – BA and Requirement Building
DESIGN – System architecture and Design
DEVELOPMENT – Iterations, Showcase and Feedback
QA – Identify defects and resolve bugs
DEPLOYMENT – Product goes in production and technical support